2018 Outdoor Race Schedule
 Check out the new 2018 Outdoor race schedule posted below!

Saturday "Early" practice: Noon-3pm $15.00

Saturday Race Times:
Gates open @ 11:30am
                    "Early" practice 12-3pm (cost is $15)       
                   Sign up 3 - 5pm
            Practice: 4pm-5pm 
acing starts:  @ 6pm  
Sunday Race Times
                -No additional "Early Practice" on Sunday races
                Gates open @ 9:30am
                Early Practice N/A
                Sign up 9:30am-11am
                Reg Practice: 10am-11am
                Racing @ Noon

~ 50 Beginner*                    ~ Over 40 plus**
~ 50 Intermadiate
*            ~ Over 50 plus**
~ 50 Advanced
* ~Vintage Am**(1980 or older/usually run ST on a TT race)
~ 65 Beginner*                     ~ Twins (will run ST on a TT night) ~ 65 Advanced                   ~ Open Pro$
~ 85  Beginner*               ~ 450 Pro$      
~ 85  Advanced*           ~ MX Grudge 1&2*
~Mad dog/Pit bike (150F or smaller) ~Micabilly(for Micabilly members only) 125twostroke/250F Am* ~ Hooligan class***
~ 250twostroke/450F Am**     ~ Open Am** ~ Youth Quad *                                  
~ LipStick* ~ Quad Pro *                                                                  Quad Open *
~ Gokart (2 to 4 classes that will be organized by the kart group)
*** Hooligan class (new this season) Bike muse be 750cc minimum, 2, 3 or 4 cyclinder(no single cylinder), stock frame(can be modified), have wiring harness capable of running headlight, 400 lbs+ or there about, must be street legal or registerable and battery must be present if needed to run lights (I'd suggest taping over or removing headlight & signals and mirrors) This class means FUN so keep it simple and fair!
~ Motocross Grudge 1 (full MX  knobbies & no suspension lowering) 
~ Motocross Grudge 2 (full MX knobbies & no suspension lowering)
~ Quad Grudge PRO & Amateur (separate classes if enough riders)
~ Micabilly class is for Micabilly members only

    Our main vision with rules is to keep it SAFE and FAIR for everyone involved!
    With our youth 50, 65 and 85cc classes, we often let older inexperienced kids race in a smaller cc class than the bike they are riding on depending on their speed. Then as they advance they will get moved up accordingly. To us, it's all about letting kids have fun and get the taste of competition and success!

 Starting in 2015 knobbies are ONLY allowed on the front and rear in 50, 65, 85, Lipstick, MX Grudge bike and 4-wheeler classes. If you have a 125 two stroke or 250f or bigger and you have a rear knobbie then you can only enter and race in the MX Grudge classes.  

Front knobbies will be allowed on the FRONT ONLY in the Amateur flattrack bike classes. This is to make it so the average guy doesn't have to purchase a special 19" front wheel assy to ride in multiple classes.
-  AMA 
(American Motorcyclist Association) Rules apply, unless otherwise noted
- NO FRONT BRAKE allowed for the short track races in any class bigger than 85cc bikes. You can only have a front brake at the TT races.
-  Some classes may be combined to make for full grid
4 riders to make a class

*  Final say on rules comes from Track Referee!
Please, just Keep it Fair for everyone involved!

mototech30@yahoo.com  www.SpokaneSpeedway.com  

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